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We Repair and Service Sub-Zero Wine Fridges.

That's right, we are the Wine Fridge experts! Sub-Zero has made a few different wine coolers over the years that have special service requirements. The most popular wine coolers we see are the under-the-counter units of the past twenty years. Oftentimes these built-in wine coolers will stop cooling. These units are totally repairable! We also service full-size wine coolers the very same day you call, it's our specialty!

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Did you know the #1 reason for mechanical failures of refrigerators is having a clogged condenser? The dust restricts airflow and causes the machine to overheat. Eventually, the machine fails. No doubt about it, cleaning your condenser regularly is the recipe for a long lasting refrigerator. Learn how to clean the condenser on your Sub-Zero and check out some more repair tips.

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