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We Repair Wolf Ranges & Ovens

We offer independent repair service on both gas and electric Wolf ranges in New York & New Jersey. When you call Certified Refrigeration we will immediately get you on the path to repair. Our first order of business will be to identify your model number. After that, we will assemble anything you may need for your service. Often we get you on our schedule the very same day you call. Most Range repairs are a one-trip ordeal!

Wolf Range problems we fix:

  • Ovens not getting hot or uneven cooking
  • Oven Doors not closing all the way or stuck shut
  • Burners clicking or not igniting, poor ignition
  • Lights not working
  • Bad flames on burners
  • Broiler issues, not igniting
  • Fan issues and overheating

What is a range?

Some may call it an oven, or a stove but a range gets its name from the "range" of options it allows you to cook upon. The stovetop of your Wolf range will come with a variety of cooking surfaces such as a standard burner top, a griddle, a charbroiler or even a French top. Underneath your stovetop, you will find an oven. Some of these ovens may use gas, some may be electric. When the oven employs an electric oven with a gas top, it is called a Dual Fuel Range. Electric ovens are loved for their extreme accuracy and the ability to cook convection style. Gas ranges are loved for the signature characteristics of cooking with gas. Either way, we can fix whichever range you have as long as the original parts are available!

Some common models we repair:

  • R Series
  • DF Series ( dual fuel)
  • GR Series
Oven Repair Service on Wolf GR486G
Joe operating on a Wolf Range in West Nyack, NY

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