Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions, just give us a call at 1-800-200-2306 and chat with us directly otherwise find some frequently asked questions below.

Our standard service charge is $165 dollars, this can vary depending on distance to location, insurance requirements and scope of the job.

This includes sending a prepared professional technician to your home to diagnose your Sub-Zero or Wolf Product. They technician will arrive in one of our extensively outfitted work trucks. Before we arrive in your home, your appliance will be researched using your model specific information. Your parts will be available on the truck the same day we arrive to diagnose the unit. We offer a white glove experience, it will be the most streamlined service experience you may ever experience and most of the time it saves you hundreds of dollars in spoiled food costs. We fix these units the same day 99% of the time, and we take pride in that.

We do not credit our service charge unless it is negotiated with the repair. In the rare case we need to return or a part is not in stock, we do not charge a second service charge.

Yes, we offer a one year warranty on all parts and labor, unless it is a band aid fix that we have advised against. We often extend our warranty beyond a year on larger jobs.

Our Warranty

Almost all sub-zero fridge failures happen because of two reasons.

1) They have not been cleaned frequently enough and they are running hot for many years leading to a failure.

Vacuum Your Condenser

2) Parts fail once they have exceeded their normal expected lifespan.

Is it worth it to repair my sub zero? (yes, probably)

The Manufacturer says about 20 years. This does not mean that after 20 years the unit is destined to the landfill. Many 30 Year old sub-zeros are suitable for restorations that can prolong the lifespan and get you more solid years from your appliance while you plan your next kitchen or just live your life.

We are restoration wizards, we have done extensive jobs that prolong the life of these units for a very long time. That being said, we use a lot of new parts, and we have never even come close to doing a job that costs as much as a new unit. We have had repeat customers who have used us for many years, and we doubt the repairs could add up to the cost of a new unit. So in short, repairs are cheaper in the short and long term.

If the repair is done using OEM parts directly from the sub-zero parts distributor the repairs should last years! We often get calls from customers we serviced from over decade ago!

We know, its IMPOSSIBLE to find an installer. Our best advice is to go through the appliance retailer you purchased the unit from. If you or your contractor need help getting it fit into place, please watch my informative video aboutinstalling your sub-zeroproperly as well as reading the installation and safety instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Visit the Sub-Zero website with your dimension in mind:

There are kits available for conversions from your old 500 and 600 series to fit on the newer models, but for the most part, if your old wood panels were specific to your machine, it is probably best to get new ones.

The mechanical advantage of the Sub Zero fridge is it uses two compressors to independently cool each section (fridge and freezer). They having a higher build quality than almost all other refrigerators on the market. Their refrigerators have been constantly improved upon using a nearly identical format over many years. I think they offer a great product worthy of the extra money it costs for them.


The real reason I advocate for this brand (as an independent appliance repair company) is that they have some of the best product support and parts availability out of any appliance brand. We routinely fix refrigerators and freezers that are 20+ years old with a reliable outlook. We build our kitchens around appliances, and often times replacement isn't financially responsible (let alone environmentally). We can keep these fridges out of the landfill because this is a private american brand with excellent product support.

No, please read about their warranty on their website.

2 years full warranty

5 years sealed system

12 years partial part warranty.

No, we are completely independent and take pride in this. Our service is faster and more economical than the factory service. We go the extra mile to make sure we are prepared the very same day you call by warehousing the most common failing parts.

The best way to reset your subzero is to turn it off by setting the thermostat or touch panel to "off" position and then going to the circuit breaker and shutting it off for a minute before restoring power. Most units newer than the year 2002 can have the error codes reset by holding the alarm button down for 15 seconds.

While all units may vary, the idea is the same to Vacuum Your Condenser.

Basically, you must remove the panels protecting your condenser and vacuum the front of it. This is basically the only service these units need besides water filtration and air filtration.

A better fridge and a better brand.

Below Zero, however we think it is just a clever name for a refrigerator brand as the sub-zero freezer is only designed to drop to around -5 degrees Fahrenheit at its coldest setting.

This varies on the issue, and while we can often walk you through possible costs and issues depending on a model number, just know that if the unit is in good shape it can be reliably fixed cheaply in comparison to purchasing new.

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