How To Fix Loose or Broken Sub-Zero Door Handles

Door Handle Loose?

Watch our video on how to tighten it.

That annoying wobble on your sub zero door handle is an easy fix, the most common tools you'll need is a standard set of alan keys and a phillips head screw driver.

Tools Needed:

  • 3/32 alan key
  • 1/8 alan key
  • phillips head screw driver

Step One: Loosen 3/32 alan head set screw. It is located in a little hole at the bottom of the support bracket of the door handle. Loosen the upper and lower.

Step Two: Remove loose portion of handle and tighten phillips head or 1/8 set screw into handle.

Step Three: Retighten everything, the wobble should be gone!

Watch the Video Here!

Door Handle Broken?

Parts & Tools Needed:

  • 3/32 alan key
  • 1/8 alan key
  • phillips head screw driver
  • 10/24 thread 1/2 inch alan or phillips head screw

But my handle is on a wood front!

Well then, watch this video embedded below!!

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips Head Screw Driver!
  • Razor Blade

Step One: Remove your magnetic trim strip from the side of your door

Step Two: Remove the screws all the way down the door!

Step Three: Remove trim strip and pull wood out of door framing until you expose the screws for the door handle, they may be phillips, flat head, alan keys...etc, its whatever your contractor or cabinet maker wanted to use, these handles are usually not supplied by the factory so there is no real way to tell what will be back there.

Step Four: Reinforce your handles by tightening them. Maybe add a little thread lock? That should help them from coming loose again. Be careful, don't over tighten and damage the wood. There is rarely room for it but adding a locking spacer wouldn't hurt!

Step Five: Push your wood back into the frame, put that trim back on, tighten it back up and reapply your magnetic trim strip!

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