The Five Things To Try Before Calling for Sub-Zero Service.

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#1 - Find Your Model & Serial Number

Anyone serious about servicing your Sub-Zero will need to know your model and serial number so that they can particularize the unit. This gives those in the know a mental picture of your unit, and an order of operations to accurately diagnose your problem.

So if you are going to expertly diagnose and fix your Sub-Zero, the first thing you should do if your machine is giving you a problem is find out your model and serial number. Learn how to do that here: Finding Your Sub-Zero Model Number

#2 - Less Heat, Less Failures -Vacuum Your Condenser!

Any expert will tell you, most refrigeration issues happen due to an increase in heat from the condenser of a long period of time. That extra heat from an unmaintained dusty condenser causes prolonged run times. If your Sub/Zero is overheating, not keeping temperatures, flashing error codes or really anything irregular, you should find and Vacuum your Condenser. Watch this helpful Video on how to vacuum your condenser!

#3 - Run A Diagnostic Mode on Newer Machines!

Did you know that ever since around the year 2000 your Sub-Zero has monitoring its own operation through the use of an electronic control board? That same screen that tells you how cold your machine is hooks up to a control board which stores data pertaining to the operation of your machine. If you ask it, it will tell you what it thinks is wrong. Error codes begin to give us a picture of what is malfunctioning on your refrigerator, and it can give you the same information.

Read our article on: The Lay-mans guide to Sub-Zero Error Codes

Check out this video on how to run a diagnostic mode on my 600 & 700 series units (which may be the most common units out there with this feature!)

#4 - Run a Manual Diagnostic Test

The tools you really need to repair a Sub-Zero properly are not found in the typical home owner tool bag, but using some common sense and a few very cheap, useful tools you can begin to get a picture of your issue, and possibly an accurate diagnose. Below is a motors test I run on a Sub-Zero 650. I show you how to run through the basic functions of the refrigerator. Many times you will find out your problem during this process.

A few tools I recommend for your Sub-Z tool bag:

  1. Multi-Head Screwdriver
  2. Klein Voltage Meter
  3. A step stool

#5 - The "Hail Mary" - Hit the Breaker & Defrost the unit.

Okay! So at this point, maybe you have an idea of whats wrong with the machine, or maybe not. This is a good time to give the machine a good reset, go find your circuit breaker. Your Sub-Zero appliance will be on a 20 Amp circuit and it should be dedicated! Flip the breaker.

At this point, if you have any issues with your ice maker, or your refrigerator is frosting up, it may be advisable to let it defrost fully, or even hit it with a blow drier to speed up the process. This may be a temporary fix, but it could get you back in business for a some time while you figure out your next steps.

Restore power to your machine after about 30 minutes. This time period should allow the compressor to cool down and give you enough time to melt any frost ups or icing.

If the problem persists, give us a call, we'll do our best to help you the very same day you call.

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