How To Paint Your Old Sub-Zero Fridge

Paint Your Sub-Zero Frame or shelving!

Sub-Zero refrigerators were made of steel all the way up until 2002. Refrigeration lines run through the frame and lack of maintenance or a prolonged leak can peel the paint and rust the frame. Don't let this happen! It is one of worst things for these units, deal with the leak and then paint your frame and protect your Sub-Zero.

Step One: Materials.

Lets get prepared! First I'll list options for paint removal.

  • Angle Grinder (will make life really, really easy)
  • Stripping wheel for angle grinder
  • Paint Scraper ( doable, takes longer)
  • Wire Wheel For drill - In conjunction with the paint scraper, this is an option, still will take ten times longer than an angle grinder.
  • Organic paint stripper- Messy, will probably work well with a scraper, never used it. Wouldn't want to use this on my food box.



Floor Protection

  • Cardboard or plastic wrap


  • Foam Brush 1 inch

Mistakes I have made over the years.

  1. Turn the machine off and remove the food, let the machine air out an hour and make sure it is not wet before attempting to paint.
  2. You need Sufficient time to do this! Do not paint it and close the door! Let it dry and give it two hours than you think. Manufacturer says 15 minutes, NO! hours. trust me you will peel the paint right off the frame.
  3. Prep like crazy, a painter is only as good as his prep.
  4. Protect your floor and do not spray, spray is messy, it gets in places you wouldn't imagine. Learned from experience in a clients home, not a fun conversation.
  5. Use the right tools.
  7. Be a bad ass and change your gaskets as well.
Before and After Painting
A before and after shot while the paint is drying on this 500 series frame.

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