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Sub-Zero Fridge Repair Service

Sub-Zero Fridge Issues We Fix

All refrigerators eventually break, some develop small issues while others may just fail. Sub-Zero refrigerators are no different, the good news is that we can fix it the same day you call!

Sub-Zero Products We Service

Sub Zero Fridge Repair

Sub-Zero Refrigerators

We Service and Repair Sub-Zero Refrigerators Great news! Sub-Zero Refrigerators in good shape can always be fixed. Sub-Zero makes a full line ...

Sub Zero Freezer Cropped

Sub-Zero Freezers

We Repair and Service Sub-Zero Freezers. Sub-Zero makes a full line of integrated and stand-alone freezers. We service all of them. Throughout ...

Sub Zero Wine Fridge Cropped

Sub-Zero Wine Fridges

We Repair and Service Sub-Zero Wine Fridges. That's right, we are the Wine Fridge experts! Sub-Zero has made a few different wine coolers over ...

Sub Zero Ice Maker Cropped

Sub-Zero Ice Maker Repair

We Repair and Service Sub-Zero Ice Makers. From dedicated ice-makers units to the ice makers commonly found inside your freezer, we have ice ...

Sub-Zero Models We Service

The 200 & 300 Series were produced during the late 1970s into the 1980s. They were very reliable and we still fix the today.

  • 2511
  • 251
  • 211
  • 361rfd
  • 3211
  • 201 R & F

These wine cooler were very popular, they are difficult to work on but once repaired, they tend to last long periods.

  • 424 Wine Coolers
  • 427r Drawers and Wine Cooler
  • 427 Full Size Wine coolers

While the 500 Series unit was manufactured between 1987 and 1999, these robust units are definitely repairable and can usually be fixed to last many more years.

  • 511
  • 550
  • 542
  • 532
  • 561
  • 590
  • 501 R & F

600 Series units were manufactured between 1998 and 2008. They are excellent units and can usually be repaired the same day you call to last years longer.

  • 611
  • 650
  • 642
  • 632
  • 661
  • 590
  • 501R & F

700 Series units are popular in Manhattan as well as the suburbs. Definitely a compact machine, they are good repairable units.

  • 700 tci
  • 700 tr
  • 700 tf
  • 736 TCI
  • 736 TR
  • 736 TF
  • 700 BR
  • 700 BF

Bi Series units are some of the newest units produced. They are nice units, and due to the age they are obviously repairable. There are some factory authorized recalls on these, especially pertaining to drainage issues, we will point you in the right direction if need be.

  • bi-36
  • bi-42
  • bi-48

These units are also very new, and very repairable.

These popular solo ice-makers are usually worth fixing. We stock cleaner and all the filters they may need.

  • 315
  • ic15

About our Sub-Zero Service Department

As a family-owned business with over three decades of experience, we specialize in servicing Sub-Zero refrigerators. Our extensive knowledge and expertise in the field allow us to offer repair services for both newer and older Sub-Zero models. We believe that every unit, regardless of its age, should be evaluated for service, and our team can determine if your unit is worth a repair. Our services cover a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from minor leaks to urgent cooling problems. Moreover, we strive to deliver prompt and efficient solutions, with the ability to offer same-day service upon request.

Check out a selection of on the job service photos from around New Jersey, New York & CT.

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Sub zero drain trough heater service
Sub zero sealed system rebuild
Subzero under the counter repair 700bf
Subzero wine cooler repair 424 nj nyc
Compressor replacement sub zero
Bi series sub zero control board
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Let’s Identify Your Refrigerator Model

Use this guide to try and identify your model and serial number. Have it ready when you call so that we can identify which model you have. This helps us identify issues before we come out and sometimes even allows us to help you fix it over the phone!

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