Our Warranty

We back up our repairs 100%

This isn’t some 90-day warranty you get from your local appliance guy. We know that if we source the correct parts and install them correctly, we should be dealing with a warranty that lasts a minimum of a year on both parts and labor. It’s all about having confidence in the repairs we do, and confident we are. If you choose us to work on your Sub-Zero or Wolf, we will always back you up with a solid warranty so that if something goes wrong, you are covered both for the part, and the labor.

One Year Warranty

Certified Refrigeration’s standard warranty for any part we install into your machine is for one year from the date of installation unless specified otherwise. We use OEM Sub-Zero parts directly from the distributor almost exclusively as they have always worked best for all repairs pertaining to their products. All jobs receive a one-year warranty on parts and labor.

I am just out of Warranty!

Have you had a repair and you are just out of warranty on the parts replaced? Don’t sweat it. We don’t nickel and dime you. Give us a call and we will take care of the issue. When we install new parts we expect to last well beyond our warranty. If you have an unexpected break down we always consider the past work we have done for you and often throw in free service on anything we have worked on before. It’s only fair.

What About The Factory Warranty?

Information about your Factory Warranty can always be found by looking through your user manual or contacting the appliance manufacturer directly. Although we have found that most of what appliance companies actually warranty rarely breaks, it is always good to know your factory warranty and use it when applicable. We do not offer any factory warranty services for the Sub-Zero or Wolf appliance brand. We are a completely independent small business operation at lightning speed to fix your appliances. If your machine is off of warranty, which a majority tend to be, we can assure you that you will not find better service in the Tri-State area.