Stuck in Showroom mode on your Sub-Zero?

The Problem: Your Sub-Zero refrigerator says that it is at a cold temperature but it is actually room temperature and not running. This is a common issue we run into and often times the unit is stuck in "Showroom Mode". This is a mode that the manufacturer has made for these units for use in showrooms.

How to diagnose: Enter Diagnostic Mode and see if the display says "SH R." For those of you not familiar with showroom mode, Colder and power and let go usually gets you in!

How to fix: With the unit off, press colder, warmer and power at the same time.

Units this works on: This is the same procedure for any Bi Series, 600 series or 700 series unit after serial 1810000.

A common issue that we run into sometimes with subzero refrigerators right after they have been installed, is that the installer forgets to take the machine out of showroom mode. the unit will indicate that it is at proper temperature but the machine will be room temperature. This mode is intended to be used in show rooms. It will display the product without actually running the motors and causing wear and tear on the product.

We have often seen this happen after someone cleans the screen of the touch panel of the sub zero. The panel is sensitive to touch and the cleaning action will accidentally hit the colder-warmer and power buttons which will activate show room mode.

So when we got this call on Christmas Eve we headed out to Montclair New Jersey to have a look. This is what we found.

To be clear, to enter or exit showroom mode you turn the machine off, then you press Colder, warmer and power at the same time. Then let go.

Showroom Mode
Once in diagnostic mode, SHR will be displayed on the screen indicating the unit is in show room mode.

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