Full Ice Maker System Replacement: 500 Series Sub-Zero Refrigerators.

Replace a Sub-Zero Ice Maker System.

I recently moved into a home that had a 1988 Sub-Zero Model 550. The machine was in excellent shape for its age however the icemaker was creating a few cubes, then blocks of ice, then nothing. This is a common occurrence with these old machines, after all, my Sub-Zero was from 1988. I opted to replace the entire Ice Maker system just like we do for our clients when their ice makers start to become faulty. I wanted perfect sized, crystal clear ice and I got it! Watch the video to see the repair and learn how to replace yours. This is a very similar repair that would be done to a 200, 300, 500, 600, 700 series Unit. This would cover about 30 years of fridges from the 80's until about 2008.

Some things I have learned about servicing Ice Makers.

Any time we come to service an icemaker, we recommend the entire system be replaced if the machine is out of its warranty period. If it is more than 10+ years old, we like to replace both the solenoid and the ice maker unit itself at the same time. Solenoid Valves often leak as they get older, and we have seen them flood entire homes. Almost all the times we give the solenoids the benefit of the doubt during a repair, we usually return to the home in the near future for a very similar issue. The icemaker will cease to work, and it will seem as if we didn't cover our bases. So, change your solenoid, always. We even recommend doing so if they start to sound rough or have been running under extreme heat circumstances on under the unit condenser applications like 700 series. Watch the video below to see what we mean.

Is my Sub-Zero ice maker filtered?

If you watch my video, you will see me adding an Amazon Water Filter to my system before the water enters the Solenoid. Most Sub-Zero units produced before 2008 do not have a water filter. I prefer this application as now we have many different ways to filter the water entering the unit. You can remove the water filter from newer units and run your own filter as well (i wouldn't) but you could. I prefer this method on the older units as it offers more flexibility on how you filter water, great price points for filters too. You even have the flexibility to put the filter where you want it.

Other small issues with icemakers:

Sometimes the issues are small and actually can be fixed without replacing a whole system.

Making too much ice:

Make sure your bin is in the right position and the Ice Maker Control arm is in tact and mounted correctly!

Black Specs in Ice:

Your Ice maker coating is pealing, probably time to replace the ice maker unit, and possibly the entire system

Service Message: Ice

This is a message we would see on 600 series units. Sometimes you can reset it by simply flipping your machine on and off or holding the alarm button for fifteen seconds. Often times the message will be back, It is probably time for a new ice maker, maybe your arm is being jammed or an internal function of the icemaker itself is broken.

Ice Maker too slow

Is your machine cold enough? Check your bread and ice cream, is it solid? Ice makers have an internal thermostat. If your machine is experiencing temperature swings, maybe its not cold enough to run. Also check you bin and carrier mechanism to make sure you installed correctly and nothing is broken.

Ice Maker Tracks Broken and not sliding well

Sometimes your icemaker track break, sometimes the carrier assembly breaks. It happens, call for service. If you are a pro, find your local sub zero parts distributor and have your serial number handy and order your parts.

Solid Block of Ice in Bucket:

Tricky territory, mess around and possibly break more stuff or damage flooring. Ice maker is probably calling for water and is frozen over with ice that it cant expel from its casing, your best bet it to melt it down with a blow drier and cross your fingers. The other thing could be a slipping solenoid, this is a constant leak out your icemaker, can cause a flood. Time for a new system, probably.

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