Fixing your Sub-Zero freezer light bulbs (most models)

Light Bulb Replacements.

We get requests all the time about fixing freezer light bulbs in a sub zero top over bottom units. The reason is that the bulbs are hidden in the front of the unit in the ceiling and they are often difficult to find. Further, they often break and leave the base of the bulb screwed into the socket, making it difficult to replace them without extracting the bulbs base from the socket.

Turn the power off at the breaker or the control panel!

If you cannot directly access the light bulbs, remove the entire freezer drawer from the unit will certainly give you access. Sometimes this is easier with two people. Watch the video below to see how I do it alone.

Extracting the base of the bulb:

If the base of the bulb breaks off inside the socket, it may seem like time for a new socket. This can get expensive and laborous, so insteas just extract the base of the bulb using a needle nose pliers. Make sure you shut the power off before doing so!

This works on almost all units.

  • 500 series units
  • 600 series unit
  • 700 series units
  • 200 Series and 300 Series
  • Bi Series

Watch all this below:

Bulbs may vary by unit, the best way i have found to match them up is to look at your user manual, or remove a bulb and bring it with you to the hardware store.

The most common bulb for 500 and 600 series units T6.5 40W

Still no lights?

Check out how to: Change A Sub-Zero Light Switch

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