How To Move Your Sub-Zero

We are not appliance installers. We do not install new appliances. This is for information purposes only.

How many of you are here because you need to move your Sub-Zero refrigerator and your contractor, appliance guy, electrician and plumber are all pointing the finger at each other? Everyone is scared to move a Sub-Zero fridge.

Reasons for this:

  • They don't know to move it.
  • They think they are going to scratch your floor.
  • There is a water line for your ice-maker underneath your fridge.

So instead of calling the appliance guy, who tells you to call the contractor, who tells you to call the plumber, who tells you to call the electrician, watch this video.

Tools You Need

  • Masonite or hardboard to protect your floor. The Sub-Zero will roll right over this and protect even the softest floors.
  • Flathead screwdriver or 1/4 ratcheting wrench for moving the leveling legs
  • A drill with a 3/8 and 1/4 inch screwdriver bit.
  • A level to reinstall the unit.

Step One: Find and shut off your water line.

If you have an ice-maker or water dispenser, you have a water line. It is located underneath your fridge and it connects to your refrigerator solenoid valve. You must find the water shut off for your refrigerator. 90% of the time it will be located below the unit in the basement, or underneath a nearby sink. If you can't locate this or if you have located it and can not turn it off due to age of the valve, shut off the whole house water supply while you move the machine.

Step Two: Undo installation screws.

Some units are screwed into the wall by the frame, some have no screws at all. Open your doors and look, take your grill off the top of the machine to move it. Remove the kick plate at the bottom of the machine. Remove any screws you think may be holding the machine into place.

Step Three: Prepare to move the machine.

Put your hardboard down in the path that you are moving your fridge, don't use cardboard or anything soft. Retract the front leveling legs into the base assembly using you ratchet or your flat head screw driver. Use your driver to move the rear wheels forward and prop the machine forward. It should now be ready to move. Two people can move any sub zero fridge if this step is accomplished successfully. Please watch the video below to master this step.

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