Entering Sabbath Mode on a Sub-Zero Fridges With Video

Entering Sabbath Mode on the Newest Sub-Zero.

The most common and newest Sub-Zero Refrigerator of the past 15 years is the Classic Series or BI units.

To enter sabbath mode:

  1. Turn the machine off at the Touch Panel by hitting POWER.
  2. The machine will go dark, you will see OFF in the display (faintly)
  3. Now hold the POWER button for 10 Seconds until you see S AB in the display.

You are now in Sabbath Mode, which is Star-K Kosher Compliant. Your lights will not turn on, your water and ice dispenser will be disabled, and your alarm will be disabled.

To get out of sabbath mode, hit the power key, the lights will turn on and you will be back in business.

Watch this video to see me enter Sabbath Mode on a Classic unit from 2014

Designer Series or IC Column Fridges:


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