Essex County Vlog _ Sub-Zero Repairs in Montclair & North Caldwell, NJ.

It’s December! Today I had a call in North Caldwell and Montclair New Jersey, as well as some local work in Bergen county. Follow along as I rebuild a 642 unit and work on their ice maker in north Caldwell then hop over to Montclair to assess a situation with a 550 unit from 1990.

We ran into an issue where we were not receiving anyway water supply to the unit, it is probably time to replace the line due to sediment build up somewhere. We called a plumber in to fix the water supply and we took care of the refrigerator.

642 parts replaced:


Heat exchange

Evaporator coil

New condenser fan

New fan bracket

New blade

In-line filter

Solenoid Valve - Ice maker Solenoid valve was replaced as it was running dry for god knows how long. We hate water damage, we hate leaking solenoids, these old sub zero machines are outliving their original intended lifespans and some of the parts, like the solenoid have an important job and can use a replacement after long periods, no matter what! In this case 20 years!

The Second job in Montclair was a new customer who has contacted us about this fridge before he moved into his new home. We talked about what could be making a loud ticking noise. We figured it was the defrost timer, we were right! The unit was original from 1990 and in great shape, so we just replaced the timer and let it be! Seemed like it was working to be honest but at this point it’s on borrowed time, this customer is aware of it and will keep an eye on it. 30 years old and worth fixing, in my opinion.

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