Vlog Dec 8 2021- Scarsdale, NY - Westchester Sub Zero Service

Today’s VLOG follow me to Westchester, New York to the town of Scarsdale to fix a Sub-Zero refrigerator dealing with a power outage in the freezer. Afterwards I head back to NJ to do my rounds with some wine coolers.

Parts changed on the sub zero in Scarsdale NY
Control board
Condenser Fan motor (with blade and hardwares)

Notes: Make sure your power is disconnected at the wall or breaker, turning it off at the panel in the fridge is not enough, you will still have active voltage at the board. This job can be tricky to diagnose and often is misdiagnosed as bad thermistors or a bad compressor.

For sub zero service in Westchester NY we are just a call away !


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