Sub-Z 424 Wine Cooler Repairs

What to do if your Sub Zero Wine Cooler needs service.

If your Temperatures rise or have trouble maintaining the machine will shut it self down. The display with say "SERVICE." To reset this simply turn the machine off and on by hitting the power button. You will want to clean your wine coolers condenser with a vacuum. The condenser is located in the front of the machine behind the kick plate. To access the condenser remove the kick plate and vacuum the metal fins, or as we call it your condenser. If the service message comes back, it is time for professional help. You can call us if you are in the NYC tristate area by dialing this number 1-800-200-2306.

How we fix your under the counter wine coolers.

It seems like everyone has a beloved 424 wine cooler in their home. This wine cooler was produced by Sub-Zero for at least 20 years and they pretty much can always be repaired if you have a sharp technician. It is best to repair these for a variety of reasons, this being:

  1. Cost
  2. Cabinetry Dimensions
  3. This unit has an excellent, simple build quality.
  4. Good availability of parts from the Sub-Zero Parts distributor.
  5. Quick turn around

Wine Coolers operate at higher temperatures and humidity.

Wine Coolers are wet system, they produce a lot more moisture than a refrigerator or freezer. This moisture has a way of corroding the parts that make the machine cold. We see in increase in sealed systems issues because of this. We see it not just in Sub-Zero brand wine coolers, but across the board.

The Most Common Wine Cooler repair is...

Replacing components of the sealed system such as:

  • Evaporator Coils
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Gas Solenoid Valves
  • Inline Filter Driers

The parts are upgraded during this repair.

The old components were made of copper, now they are made of "leak proof" aluminum. When we convert these machines to the new style aluminum coils we get a much more reliable system going forward.

Expected Life Expectancy After Repair?

We have never done one twice! If you purchase the proper replacement parts and have a professional perform the repair, these babies last a long while! We offer a standard one year warranty and not one customer of ours has had to use it yet (knock on wood.) We have not had major callbacks on this repair over the years.

424 Wine Cooler Rebuilds
We perform our rebuilds at our workshop before reinstalling back in your home. Turn around depends on how busy we are, but usually around a week.

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